Friday, 8 April 2011


I wish to share with us all a life experience of what happened to my husband on Thursday 31/03/2011.
I received a call from my husband at 3.02pm ,he informed me that he was going to pay our annual fee at the post office and thereafter ,he was going to see a business partner at Alausa before finally going back to his office.

At about 7pm same day, I received a call from his colleague who also lives in the same area with us, the man said he has not seen my husband and has not been able to get though to him through his phone and that every other person has left the office leaving only himself behind. I asked him to wait while I try to reach him tried his line but it was switched off. I also remembered that he had not charged his phone so well before we left the house that morning and I assumed that the battery must have ran down.
The colleague later called to ask for my permission to bring my husband's car to the house as it was now getting late and no longer safe for him to keep hanging around their office area and I asked him to bring the car home while I continued trying his phone number.
At about 9pm the line started ringing repeatedly with no one picking it as I just continued calling it over and over. Later the colleague also tried it and someone (not my husband)picked it talking carelessly that he was at Iyana Ipaja in Lagos, at that point I started suspecting foul play but by the time we tried the line again, it was switched off all through the night and even till now.

I then began to call all the contacts I thought he could have been to see but all of them have not seen him even though he called them between 3-4 pm that he was coming to see them in Ikeja. I later called my parents to inform them and then his dad who is also in Lagos. His dad asked me if I quarreled with him in the morning, upon answering that there was no quarreling between us , he told me not to worry that he will surely come back and that I should go in with the children to bed. I called the number all through the night with no luck and I was just committing the situation to God to please sort it all out in my favor.

The next morning at 6 am , I went to the police station to make a statement but I was declined as the police officer said I could only make a statement after a period of 24 hours that I last heard from him, so I was asked to return later in the day. They also carefully asked me if I had quarreled with him earlier that day to which I answered "no", they also insinuated that he might have followed some women away and that he would show up and if not, I will make a statement after which a warrant will be sent round to all police stations nationwide to check if he was in the cell, then we would also go to the mortuary, thereafter we will check hospital wards and if by then he was not found we would place his picture on the media for TV stations and radio houses to announce.
At that point, I knew there was trouble if something doesn't happen soon.

Myself and the colleague then left the station to their office in Ikeja from where we planned to visit each and every one he mentioned he was going to see the previous day and then we planned to trace all Ikeja axis to Ketu to find out if any accidents had occurred the previous day.

At about 8.57am while we were waiting for his boss to arrive , I received a call from a globacom number, I picked it and the voice on the other side said "it is me" I jumped up ,ran to his colleague and answered" you who "as if I did not recognize the voice ,even though I did, he then mentioned his name and it was my husband. I then asked where he was and he answered that he was in Ile-Ife . I asked him what he was doing there and he said he was kidnapped by ritualists, I was also hearing laud noises of several peoples voices underneath shouting " start coming o, ritualist attacked him o, he is not wearing any cloths o, we are many here,its on ede-road after the university gate, amongst other things"

Not long after, his boss arrived and offered to take us in their official car to Ile-Ife. We got their around 1.30pm because we had close to 10 stoppages on the road by police men at check points, it was as if we were not going to get there.

When we got there, I saw a crowd, I saw my husband , he was wearing just boxers and singlet and a Dunlop slippers. I felt sorry for him and I started weeping in appreciation to God. The women asked me what God I serve and that I should not fail to serve that God . some of them also called me by the name of one of my children because my husband had narrated his experience in the bush to them.

His experience

He entered a bus at 7up which was supposed to be going to Ikeja which had 7 men, including my husband, 1 lady and a police man in front seat, upon getting to Alausa, the driver diverted to Maruwa gardens and then entered lagos-Ibadan express way. Immediately he diverted, all the passengers in the bus began to shout , hitting the body of the bus and demanding to know where he was taking them to ,except the lady and the police man. When the noise was much, the driver released a kind of perfume which made all passengers to sleep off immediately except my husband who continued to shout and hit the bus asking them to drop him,the lady and the police man. The police man then pointed a gun at him commanding him to keep quiet but he wouldn't. the police then made a call to someone explaining that one of the passengers is not sleeping but making noise and asked if they should let him go but the other person asked how old my husband was to which the police responded that he should be less than 40 years of age. The other fellow then demanded that they must bring him along. Also the police and the lady searched the passengers, removed their cloths, belongings and wedding rings. Upon discovering a young guy who was not wearing a ring, they released another perfume to him nose and he woke immediately and they dropped him off.

Then they got to Ibadan and drove into the bush for a long time. Later they tied their faces and dropped them into another vehicle that continued the journey. Then they descended a valley and climbed up again all still in the vehicle. Later they arrived a house ,they dropped them and they rested there for about 45minutes to 1 hour and then they put 5 of them in another vehicle that took them further into a forest where they opened their faces and they saw a big duplex in the middle of the forest while they drove the other two people away. There were big cars packed and at the reception they saw people waiting and chatting. Someone began to introduce them to the people " these people on this side are politicians, these are musicians and these other sets are people waiting to become board member in their organizations, they are the ones that need things from you, we are introducing them because this is the last time you will see men in life" at that point, he began to speak in tongues and to speak the word that "I shall not die"

They later brought them to the ritual room introduced them to the priest who they claimed was 220 years old. They asked them to line up ,him being the first in line and then to begin to introduce themselves. He only responded with "I shall not die" two people introduced themselves as pastor so so and so of so so and so church. There was also a young guy whose father pastors in the united states and who is supposed to travel next Tuesday 5/4/2011 to meet his wife in USA. And then another man. The way they do it is to call someone's name, the person steps forward, they pour him water out of a horn ,the person spins very fast and then falls down, the ritualist throws his wedding ring which they had removed from their hands and labeled into a pot of concussion of which they have separate ones for all the men, the person falls down and two attendants come and carry the body away.
They called my husband first but as he kept speaking in tongues and telling them that if he doesn't leave the shrine alive, non of them will leave alive, they asked him to stay aside that they will come to him later. They did the process on the others and also carried their bodies away. When it was the turn of the pastors son, they poured him the water, he rushed to my husband ,held his boxers and begged him not to let him go. My husband told him not to worry as his wife was praying at home. The ritualist moved the guy away shouting that two people don't die together in that shrine. The guy then began to stager and fell down, they threw his ring into a pot and the attendants came to carry him away, in the process, he jumped up again and upon seeing that, the priest said the guy was already mad and not good for the sacrifice and that the attendants should push him into the forest, which they did.

It was now my husband's turn again, they called to him "I shall not die, it is your turn, step into the circle" he stepped out still speaking in tongues.
They poured him the water but he refused to spin, at that point, his confidence increased and he kept firing on, upon seeing what happened, the priest went in and brought a red cloth that he threw on his neck then he started staggering, then he was afraid and quoted the scripture "he will give his angels charge over me" then he stabilized. The priest then went in to bring another thing, before then, he started crawling out of the shrine.
It was then he saw the people earlier carried away, their heads had been cut off and parts of their bodies removed.
He kept crawling on blood stains until someone came to his rescue and helped him up on his shoulder and gave him a brand new slippers.
The fellow asked after his wife, and children mentioning them all by names, my husband became afraid and asked if they have gone to attack his family too but the man said no. he then told my husband that he is not serving "HIM" enough. That an assignment was completed that night and that was why they had to come rescue him. He told him that anything he will ever amount to in life is tied to the level of his service to "HIM" and that his service is not commensurate to the calling of God upon his life. My husband argued that he is the choir director in his church but the fellow replied that my husband is just beginning. He brought out a medal and asked my husband if he remember praying about not haven achieved a medal in life, surprised, my husband said "I have never discussed that with any man before" the fellow said the medal will not be given to him yet.
He also reminded my husband of many vows and pledges that he and me made and those he made personally that are yet to be fulfilled and that those vows and pledges are waiting for fulfillment. My husband replied that it is because he does not have the means yet but the fellow said it is because he is not serving enough ,otherwise he would have had the means to fulfill them. He told him several other things that are personal to my family as they walked on until they got to a point where he left him on the floor and made to leave and promised that he would send help to my husband. My husband slept there in the bush until around 8am in the morning when he began to hear the sound of vehicles moving, he moved towards the direction of the sound and saw the sign board being Ile-Ife. He approached a woman who was trying to open her shop that morning, to confirm if it was actually Ile -Ife ,but the woman was too afraid because of his dressing. The woman later helped him with her phone with which he made a call through to me .

I hope you have been blessed by the long epistle.

IT PAYS TO SERVE THE LORD No one is perfect but God knows us all and is full of mercies and also he is the very present help in times of trouble.
Let us all increase our commitment to him and if we have not accepted him into our lives, I implore us to do that today as tomorrow may be too late.



Olori said...

Thank God for your husbands life o. God is indeed not man that He should lie....He will continue to give His angel charge over us so that we may not strike our foot against a stone

Anonymous said...

God is indeed faithful. i am grateful to God that your husband came out of that situation alive. things are happening o! na wa. may God continue to protect us. Amen.

omasoul said...

I thank God for you dear, imagine the lives lost and the wickedness of the human heart. We thank God that greater is he that is with us than he that is in the world.
Our Faith is our victory.
Still so sad for those lost, so sad.