Thursday, 2 June 2011


Chineke!!! if he wins the case which i presume he will or they settle out of court 2shot don hammer be that N5billion choi! is not small money oh!

Well my olofofos have brought jist to me that NOKIA has been accused by 2shortz of copyrights infringement,apparently he has dragged the mobile phone company before a Lagos High Court over what he described as a violation of his intellectual property by the mobile phone company.
In his statement of claims, 2shot said NOKIA used three of his songs as default ring tones for NOKIA X3 without getting approval and sealing a contract with him. He considered it as illegal(which indeed is Illegal,how can you do that).
He is therefore seeking damages in form of monetary compensation to the tune of N5 billion.#gbam
While Brendan Rilley, lawyer for NOKIA is saying that they actually got the deal through Orchard, a record label last year, 2shot said nothing can be farther from the truth,he said that only Umunnamu his record label has the legal rights to enter into any contract with company or individual regarding his songs.

But Nokia too fall my hand oh! how can they do that,its just right that they ask for the songs,sign a contract,in their life won ni dan iru e mo(meaning them no go try am again)

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Anonymous said...

I hope this 2shot wins this one. if not 5bil(which is 2much) but something good.