Monday, 6 June 2011


Austin flanked by runner ups
Let us celebrate the ugly ones too was what inspired Lovemore Chonzi to organize Mr. Ugly competition in Zimbabwe 3 years ago.
Last two weeks, the third edition of the competition was held, endorsed by Zimbabwe Tourism Authority.

15 contestants were vying for the title but Austin Mbwe was chosen by the Judges (all Females) as Mr. Ugly

A prize money was awarded to the winner, Austin unlike In China where the 2010 winner (China's Mr. Ugly) got a free plastic surgery.

Austin Mbwe 30 years old married man after winning the title told a Zimbabwe Newspaper,
"I have been a subject of ridicule from society since childhood and the world has seen that there is a beautiful side to my ugliness."


Anonymous said...


this idea is not bad atall.

a nigeria version will be a fun as there are a lot of handsomely ugly guys in nigeria.

maybe we can partner with HME on this project..what do u think yeni?

Anonymous said...

This is very funny. And come to look at it these 3guys are 'wowo' o.
I agree with anony 13.58, can we have a nigeria edition. It will be fun.

'Omobaba' will be one of the contestant. Ha.ha.ha.ha


@anonymous 13:58 lol,i think it wont be a bad idea oh! considering how everyone wants to be a star of some sort.

@anonymous:14:38 i no dey dia oh!

Anonymous said...

anon 13.58 and 14.46.l av a another suggestion. maybe homemade ent can made this contest viral.

send in the picture of ur nomination for mr. ugly. and a panel of judges will pick the winner.

what do you think?

2me, it will be fun.