Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I got this from and i think its so beautiful,Today is Steve's 40th birthday and his wife Yetunde sends this out,very awwww and i am wishing a Happy birthday Sir,God bless keep,guide,and guard you and may he bless the works of your hand Amen.

Today my husband, Steve Babaeko, turns 40.

It is his first round birthday that I am celebrating with him since I met him when he was just 33 years old. Then, also about 33 pounds lighter and stunningly handsome, he conquered me. His focused mind, his ambition, his humor and disarming charm attracted me immediately.

Steve Babaeko, I realized already then was clearly a man of the extra ordinary. He was and still is a man of integrity, a man of his word and a man with a mission to make Nigeria a better place. Inspired by this I was ready to walk the long and stony path with him that lay in front of us here in Nigeria. Though we both did not have much, I always knew that with this kind of man by my side I would be perfectly all right.

His career in the Advertising Industry then had just started and till now his devotion to his job has gained him a lot of respect. Though he most times likes to be simply addressed as ‘Steve’, his important role in the industry cannot be diminished.

Now also a record label owner, something he had told me on our first dates he would like to be, I am not surprised that he has successfully accomplished this dream. Constantly pushing his artistes; another striking character trait is his optimism and unique belief in them.

Despite his extremely modest upbringing Steve also always believed that he deserved more and he went for it. He never used his unfortunate child hood days as an excuse not to be successful. He graduated from Ahmadu Bello University as best student in his year. He soon after became the supporter of his family. Every thing he had he has been sharing with them till date. Making him for me, a man who set his priorities right and to whom family means everything. His siblings and his mother respect and love him for all his tireless efforts to make them happy.

Now he is also a devoted father of two beautiful sons and a loving husband to me. And I know, though he is now grown a year older again his love for us will not grow weaker. And I am looking forward to more exciting years with this man who has inspired me, shaped me without changing me and given me more than any woman can wish for.

Happy 40th Steve.

We love you.

Louis, Lamar and Yetunde.


Anonymous said...

we 2 go love o. happy birthday baba eko. by the way l av always wonder if that is this guys real name or a brand name for fasr recognition.

Anonymous said...

Its his real name