Tuesday, 21 June 2011


This has got to be the most hilarious story ever and yes i'm laughing at the ridiculosity(if there's a word like that) of it,its true. Ur comments pls.

"My girlfriend caught me cheating for the 3rd time last night and threatened to break up with me. I got angry and slapped her twice. She started crying and drove home. Today she sent a text saying she was sorry. I dont know if I should forgive her. She over-reacted"
So should he forgive her?

Personally i feel the girl is either stupid or has been jazzed? which kain sorry,for the 3rd time.mehn sister Kate you gats wisen up oh! in this day and age,iru e o le shele si mi oh(something like that no fit happen to me)


Anonymous said...

is she apologizing for slapping him or what?

if she's apologizing for being violent, me think its OK. why must you hit the guy because you saw him with another girl. if its the other way round will it be right? No one should hit the other for any reason under the sun

now to the main issue; caught your bf with a girlfriend 3times? that, is not fair on the girl. the girl should take a decision if she wanna move on without the guy or if she want to let it go.

Anonymous said...

you're caught for the 3rd time, you slap the catcher now ,u want to know if you should forgive her?

for what now?

my advise is, first the catcher should slap her own back with immediate effect.

thereafter l will advise you on what to do.

Ibhade said...

laughing ......something just ain't right!