Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I came across this on facebook and am still in shock,and all i can ask is why,why,why???
The lady in this photo is called Titi who allegedly used to work at Skye bank VI branch and she was stabbed to death on June 24th by the man beside her(HER HUSBAND). They were married for 2 years and had a child. I really dont know what to make of this,why is there so much violence(domestic) am wondering what she could have done to warrant this,i dont understand and dont think i ever will.Thank you Sometimes i wonder why we cant see through all that niceness,she surely should have known his temper was on a different level,abi can people be fake for so long,i dont get*sigh*Somebody better take that child away from him oh! If you have any useful info on what happened please feel free to drop your comments.


Anonymous said...

this is the problem with anger when people can't keep it in check. bottom line is; you kill, the state will kill you too.

maybe this husband is a mental case or anger drove him to this.

if this news is true it's a lose-lose situation for the killer husband and l don't pity him.

so sad...of course.

Anonymous said...

oh my God. Can this be true?

which type of husband from hell is this.

women! we need to be prayerful seriously about husbands o. this is too much.

Anonymous said...

This is sad,and this man will suffer the wrath of God... Useless black fool

Anonymous said...

Sad sad sad,women and men alike be prayerful before you get into marriage oh! Its no joke nd thats when u see peoples true color