Monday, 11 July 2011


Now they have wronged us they wont apologize or try to make amends but if its us that steals Maggi cube or straw from MCDonald's they would take us to court and let us spend 18years first,awon oniranu(rubbish people)

Anyways J.P Morgan Chase is currently not smiling as they wrongfully accused a Nigerian-born construction worker, Ikenna Njoku of attempting to cash a fraudulent check of $8,6463.21 issued to him by the bank itself.

Ikenna, 28, was a former customer of the bank and was issued a tax refund of $8,463.21 by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a qualified new homeowner,he requested the payment be transferred to his account at Chase bank, but before the payment was made, his account has been closed by the bank due to him overdrawing his account.

The bank then removed $600 overdraft charges, cut a cashier’s check of $8,463.21 and mailed it to him. On getting to the bank to cash his money, he was badly treated by a bank official who allegedly thought the cheque, and his claim that he owned a home, were fraudulent.

He left the bank to go and attend to other issues after a long delay and went back the following day only to be arrested and thrown in jail.

When the bank realized it had made a mistake, they left a voice mail message with the detective handling the case, but unfortunately for Mr. Njoku, it was the detective’s day off hence he wrongfully jailed for 4 days.

While in jail, his car was towed away from the bank’s premises and eventually auctioned off, while he also lost his job. To cap the insult, over a year after the incident the bank has not even deemed it appropriate to offer an apology to him over the unfortunate incident,

“They [Chase] haven’t even sent me a letter or apologized, It’s been a year we’ve been trying to contact these guys.” He said.
The bank has now apologized after being written up by Njoku’s attorneys saying they are studying the situation to be able to come to a “fair resolution.”
Fair resolution indeed, after 1 year,this guy better sue their ass and make good money,you think its easy to smell court let alone dey jail.I really hope he has hired good lawyers these people need to be taught a lesson or two Rubbish and nonsense.

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