Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Na wa oh! lwkmd nothing i will not hear sha,how in the 1st place did this 18 year old marry his grand mother,was he mother sleeping abi na jazz?

Speaking with the Nigerian Tribune in Gusau on Tuesday 18-year-old Bashir Ayuba Umar said being accused of theft by his wife 65-year-old Ai Maikare was his saddest experience in life and the greatest insult he had ever received from a woman.

Umar told the Nigerian Tribune that his wife accused him of stealing her sewing machine and reported the case to the police who arrested and detained him for three days.

Narrating his ordeal, Umar said he was humiliated by the police on her instructions before his mother intervened and he was released .
“I can’t stand this disgrace any longer so I made up my mind to divorce her according to Islamic injunction”, Umar said.
He disclosed that he had divorced his wife three times which means the duo cannot come back together until the woman marries another man and the man divorces her.
Umar further told the Nigerian Tribune that he was now battling with tuberculosis and had been receiving treatment at the state general hospital.
He said he had reconciled with his mother and he is currently staying with her at Hayin Malam Sani in Gusau metropolis.

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