Saturday, 13 August 2011


I came across this pic and i decided to answer the questions so you know a bit about me and this made me think about stuff too. There are some questions repeated twice and i didnt re answer them so try and fig with the numbering.

1.Heterosexual- i love my man.

2.My irritability level.

3.Lulu mi.

4.Cant rem any.

5.I'm proud of me but sometimes a bit insecure.

6.Tj,May may,Zaine,Lulu.

7.Everything good will come, anything Jackie Collins.

8.Pride(am trying to deal with mine) slow people.

9.Generous,always there to listen,my supporter, critic.

10.Non i dont like em.


12.I dont know oh! but the guy wake up one day say e no do again, e pain me sha(maybe because i saw it coming but didnt want it to)

13.Work,blog,my friend's house.

14.Starting my own company @ 21, getting closer to God.

15.Pride, backbiting,loudness.

16.Everything Psquare, Tiwa Savage, i love Nigeria music too much.

17.MMMMMMMM*says a lot*

18.Confidence,smile,his build,attitude to little things.


20.Dulce de leche

21.With Lulu in Paris.

22.I would pass on this.

23.Nig,Ghana,USA(for a small while sha)

24.You do my every bidding(just kidding) if you are you.

25.To take Homemade entertainment to the next level,to be a better person(now),to provide a brighter future for less privileged kids,to get married and have kids and to be a better lover.

26.My niceness and that i trust too easily.



29.Dem plenty oh!

30.That i would always want to make people happy at my own expense and that i would never be truly happy and @ peace(God forbid).

31.Give my tithe, give my family,set up the pearl foundation,buy me a range, give Lulu,go for a vacation.

32.Tall,handsome,humble,generous,beautiful smile,good kisser, sensual,romantic.

33.The fact that i always want to help people and give back in my own little way.

34.Fake,untidy,slow people.

35.Nigerian live bands na*hehe*.



38.I'm a home buddy so i want home cooked meal with wine or berry blast abeg, on the couch watching one of them chick flicks or comedy,cuddled up in him with the lights dim and our phones off.

39.Directing,producing,loving people,annoying people too sha(sorry no vex).

40.When i had to rewrite a couple of courses in school.


42.You light up my world,My Aurora and you guessed right its Lulu's.

43.No cuz i know i can be better.

44.Generator noise.

45.Good we fight sha.


47.Wanting to be the best i can be and doing everything i planned to do

48.Everything good,better, best.

49.Very good,they are my paddies.

50.Beautiful,born leader,smart,Princess rory.

51.I am happy you are in my life.

52.Rory:thats all it said*we have our love coded talks*

53.Mood swings,and am not exactly prudent9God knows i'm trying)

54.God,little children,my family,Lulu's,smartness.


56.I wont lie i dont like school but wetin man go do*sigh*

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Anonymous said...


Dont worry you are a champion.

4kids in this day and age

and yeah you need to put yourself 1st sometimes

xo.. you know who