Sunday, 28 August 2011


Are divorcees strictly off limits or do you think they actually make better partners?

Would you date someone who had been divorced or are you currently dating/married to someone who was divorced?

Would you date/marry a widow/widower.
What are your thoughts? Pls let me know


Anonymous said...

hmmmm it would be a bit complicated because you dont know what happened in the marriage that made the person a divorcee but then again its the character of the person that matters. But God wont give us what we cant handle.

Anonymous said...

i'ld rather not any oh! with the widower it cant be the same the memory of the 1st one will always be there and with a divorcee the question that would always bug you is what really happened? cuz all u hear is the person ur involved with side of the story

Anonymous said...

Yes divorcees can still make a better marriage, if i have to marry one, i would consider these factors first:


number of children from the first marriage

the reason behind the first break-up

his financial status.

This is because,i would be coming as a 2nd fiddle/2nd the environment should be 'conducive' for us to build a relationship under the watchful eyes of his family and children... IF the upkeep of the family falls mostly on me, there would bound to be friction since i would concentrate more on my own children {this is the bitter truth}...and if age is not on his side, then...there is a parable that any woman that marries an old man is simply buying a many things involved......BUT THEY CAN STILL HAVE A HAPPY 2ND MARRIAGE..that is a fact.


Ibhade #gbam i cant agree more

Anonymous said...

send time around should certainly be more pragmatic at handling relationship or marriage better.

ibhade said it all.

you fail in a subject, if you have to retake that subject you will more likely pass than fail.


My answer is simple! NO! Cos I hate divorce.


Anonymous said...

This one is a bit complicated,I'm not a fan of exes so as much as possible I want no contact with them and the main question is what broke them up? The persons character,is he/she violent,stubborn,mouth all these have to be put into consideration and most importantly God.

With a wido/widower ur always 2nd best in most cases because the memory of the 1st never really goes away its always there somewhere,then u have to think of the kids he/she had previously,is it something you can really handle. Basically I think I can but all these have to be put into consideration

Anonymous said...

Love/life has a way of dealing with us,so for these I say na God know,but its doable

Anonymous said...

yes, definitely l can. they are more caring.