Saturday, 6 August 2011


Lwkmd when i read this i couldnt stop laughing, rem this guy that got married to his German lover? Oh well they are divorced now cuz the man German sleeps around(lwkmd) OK i shouldn't be laughing, divorce is a serious and painful thing*hehe* He said "''Finally I am free but still a close friend to Marc but I live on my own now. I can't stand his cheating anymore and I moved out with our son Boris. We are finally signing our divorce by Wednesday july 27, 2011. But we are still friends and I need my life to cope and bring my son up well.

On what he's getting from the divorce
Chika: ''I am getting where I am living now with my son Boris which is a 3 bedroom flat, my car, my shop, Boris' up keep and him paying me for the next 6 months. Isn't that ok for me? Let him continue f***king around as I don't care anymore.''

Chika continues
''Am single and seriously searching for a honest, sincere and genuine one and not those that will only lay me in bed and take advantage of me or start demanding money like Nigerian guys are doing. I saw it coming and The fact is that am not shocked at all neither does he even care but the best of it is am on my own once again. My son is all the happiness I have ''
Asked what he will do if Marc wants him back, Chika replies:'' Even if Marc begs I am sorry I don't want him anymore, I am through with him. I have taken the decision to move on and this time I think I will settle with a Nigerian who stays close to me here(stuutgart) he seems to care and loves me''
He says Marc was bossing him around: ''Sure Marc used to order me around, though he loves me but still that Ego in him I hate but it is all in the past now as far as am concerned. The sister said I should forgive but I said its over, at least let him respect me for once. I have feelings and am a human being and not an animal or object of sex or his sex toy which he uses 3times every night and even upon that still has the guts to bring some bitch man to my bedroom. I am okay the way I am, at least no more pains all over my body after three rounds of sex every night.'' Lwkmd, ok Yeni this is not funny, stop laughing

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