Friday, 12 August 2011


1.Am sure some of you have heard about the new law that has been passed, that says a man who impregnates a woman and abandons her will be arrested and jailed. Ok in as much as i sorta like this new devp,its sorta funny and pls women dont bite me.

Lets say this particular woman just wants to be a mother(she is single) and meets this guy and says "you know what,i just want a baby off you,no strings attached and when that is done he leaves" this same woman comes back saying she loves him,errr who should be jailed here.
And to all you men if you know say you know wan become papa hold yaself(igbo accent) or better still use a condom #chikena

2.Fashola has also said that the school of part-time studies would be closed down in Lasu so as to enable students get better education, err OK i dont see how this particular rule helps anything, people are in school part-time obviously because they have other things they are doing and cant commit full time,so this abrogation to me no make sense sha.

3.Who should love more in a relationship, the man or woman?
Hmmm, i really am going to give my honest opinion here and******drum roll***** i say the man should love more, women are delicate and need to be treated as sure,pampered and showered with love, this is not to say men dont deserve the same but you know how it is na, and even when a woman loves a man i mean truly loves a man theres no hiding it,its all over,but the guys try to form . So guys pls show madam that you care,it doesnt have to be her birthday,your anniversary,just shower her with love it would go a long way, i dey tell una cuz am a woman.

Pls lovies share your opinions on the various topics. Gracias

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