Saturday, 27 August 2011


Listening to Banky w's song called "WHY",I couldn't help but wonder what exactly is happening in this beloved country of ours,why are we going from bad to worse,what exactly is the problem and is there really a way forward?
I travel frequently and the Muritala Mohammed international airport disgusts me,are our leaders blind don't they go abroad or even within West Africa here and see,all the al
location of 100billion or whatever amount to the ministry of aviation and all other ministries affilated to the airport,what is it used for? This is daylight robbery and we are citizens are more or less handicapped because you talk and talk and do #enoughisenough or #vision2020 yet we still collect the rubbish.
Do you know that in our airport we do not have those machines that are used to wrap torn bags,aaahan all these years we really are a waste oh! Have u entered any of the toilets,your piss would go back inside for fear of catchng a disease yet our very dense government would be appointing job creation panel and in the end no jobs created or looking for a way to increase tenure to a 6year single term saying 4years is not enough,have you even tried to start something,yet they would allocate $50million to celebrate Obama's birthday(I really hope that thing was a joke)whereas that one is looking for a way to better his country.
Upon all the killings,riot,loss of life he has been promising 'vigorous' response to these blasts yet they only get worse and he is in Aso rock lajesting,God dey
God gave us oil in delta,water for benue and Niger(do u know that Singapore imports millions of gallons of water everyday),minerial resources all over and he called us Nigeria,we don't have natural disasters na we dey cause kata kata and we have thrown away all our wisdom in the name of religion. Boko haram I hear means "education is a sin"and I'm wondering in awe like seriously,if its a sin why do they read the koran is it not part of education. We all just like to be on top and be heard but hard as it may sound not everyone is meant to be a leader some people are meant to be supporters but no oh! We must all open mouth talk even if d mouth dey stink.
I really hope we don't continue like this or leave a Nigeria like this for the next generation it would be disastrous,may God help us to help ourselves. We have electicity like we don't have it,kidnapping has become the order of the day,bombs are sold like recharge cards,the roads are worst we can only keep buying jeeps and wading through it all and nothing is been done,the rich keep getting rich and the poor poorer,yet they all go abroad for medical care,goats would be on an airport runway,dey stand dey look,Mercy!
Sad as it may seem with all these bombings I really hope they don't come to Lagos,calabar or PH,we can only hope and pray, in the east they say Chukwu gozie gi,in the west its Oluwa yi o bukun,calabars say Abasi oyong fi,hausa's Allah ba ka ya all meaning God bless you,why do we bless our selves if in the end we kill each other.
We can only keep praying and hope that God has mercy on us and things turn out for good if not we don kpai be that!

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