Friday, 30 September 2011

Akhwat Akwop - Christian extremist group threatens retaliation against Boko Haram !!

Hmmmmm christains have vexed oh! as a new christian group Akhwat Akwop springs up.
Akhwat Akwop is a new Christian terror group in the North formed apparently to counter the activities of the Notorious Boko Haram sect and has sent warning signals to five Islamist countries alleged to be sponsors and supporters of Boko Haram.

Akhwat Akwop claimed that Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria and Mauritania warning that it will attack the interest and Nationals of these Countries.

The group made their position known to the media yesterday in Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos. The group also sounded a wake up call to Christians all over the country stressing that Boko Haram’s activities is political and a ploy to intimidate President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and other stake holders to enable Hausa/Fulani seize power in 2015 and added that Political power must return to the old eastern region after Jonathan in 2015.

Akhwat Akwop came into the security radar about two months ago when it started dropping leaflets with its inscriptions in some part of the north, including Adamawa,Bauchi, Benue ,Borno,Kogi,Nasarawa , Taraba, Plateau and Yobe states, warning that it would do everything within its power to liberate the northern minorities from the strangle- hold of Hausa/Fulani. Who it stated has been oppressing them in the name of Islam in the north.

The leaflets , warns that Akhwat Akwop stands for the Christians equivalent of the Boko Haram sect saying that it will actively engage in the battle to liberate the northern minorities whether Muslim or Christians


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