Saturday, 17 September 2011


Its known world over that when i like scratch that love something i go all out for it,i give it my all and most times it comes out tops and one of such things is Damell photography. My God there are photographers and there are photographers, Damilola Elliott is a photographer what!!!!! The first time i came across his pictures was on facebook,i dont know what i was looking for and i stumbled on it and till date i havent stopped looking oh! I remember the picture i saw was of Pst Ifeanyi Adefarasin and the late Mrs Lardner and i was in awe(i know some of you might say whats the bid deal photographers are all the same)nope i dont think so, the details at which Damell looks into,his angles,even in church sometimes i just stare(i concentrate too oh!)I,m not going to talk too much but check it up then thank me later ps: watch out for my photo shoot,its damell bayby.

The innocence of a child at play; The promise of love in the eyes of a bride; The egoistic stance of a building, rooted in the sands of time; The flirting gaze of the sun behind the clouds…For Damell Photography, it’s all about the stroke of the shutter, sketching the essence of life and reality through the artistic view of the lens.

From Lifestyle Photography, everything in between, to Aerial Photography, we are totally committed to our clients’ needs and value your own individual ideas and requirements at all stages.

With our passion for excellence, professional expertise and great attention to detail, we’ve got your beautiful moments captured forever.

It’s simply a “timeless” experience with Damell Photography.


With an educational background in architecture and a love for the arts, Damilola is renowned for his passion-driven nature and precise attention to details.
Based in Lagos, he delved into the world of photography following his desire to express images beyond lines and shapes; and with additional training and a vast array of resource material, Damilola has been able to carve a niche for himself in several facets of photography.

“I just have this great longing to capture the very essence of the moment…be it in the details of a bride’s wedding dress, to the eagle eye view of a landscape from a helicopter.”

Damilola has covered major events in Nigeria, provided imagery consultation to build the portfolios of some of the top-notch companies and individuals in the country.
Some of his works have featured in magazines, newspapers, hotel brochures, CD Album covers of top Nigerian Artistes and more.
He is well experienced in wedding, lifestyle portraiture and commercial photography, specializing in aerial imagery.

Note: Though working from his base in Lagos, Nigeria, Damilola is available to travel for your photographic requirements.


Tel: +234.1.7405893, +234.8023066352, +234.8098-DPHOTO (374686)





Anonymous said...

Yea I know damell,he was the photographer @ my friends wedding.his really good and I'm most definetly using him for mine

lande said...

yaaaay Damell,his in HOTR,i think his so good. I know whose doing any event i have sha