Saturday, 17 September 2011


My dad sent me this and i decided to bring it here, its a very deep something and its got my mind racing in various directions,and i'm guilty of just cutting people off cuz they didnt do it my way(but sometimes i didnt regret it) whats your take on it? "Because people don't love you the way you want does not mean they don't love you with all they've got".


lamplight said...

hmmmm,most times we human beings have a certain way of doing things, we dont want to break out of the norm.

I for one believe that if a guy doesnt tell you that he loves you every single day doesnt mean he doesnt.

Or you spanking(note i didnt say beat mercilessly until the child goes deaf or blind oh!) your child when he/she does something wrong as opposed to the parent that just does talk therapy doesnt mean you love your child less.

So like they say diff strokes for diff folks.

Anonymous said...


very deep indeed.

l am still thinking about the quote.