Sunday, 4 September 2011


Essence popular songstress who sang the super story theme song and is also signed to Kennis record label had her car a Nissan Ultima car today Sunday 4, September, 2011.

The news made known by Kenny Saint Brown via Twitter. ‘My girl Essence jst had her car stolen. A Silver/Gold Nissan Ultima. Reg: CD 674 AKD. Do keep an eye out for it n alert us if you see it‘.

As i was told "when she stepped out of the silver/gold Nissan Ultima car, three unidentified men approached her and one of them placed a gun to her head. She was pushed into the back seat of the car where she sat with one of the robbers while the other two sat in front. They quickly drove off and asked her if she had anyone who could pay for her ransom if she was kidnapped".

She was relieved of her money, jewelry,and was then locked in an abandoned bus in the neighbourhood. The robbers sped off with the car and valuable items in it.
Glad shes ok.


Ibhade said...

Thankful to GOD she was harmed o!

lande said...

wow, so sorry

Anonymous said...

kidnap ke? hiss!!! like she has money abi?