Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Finally, Ngozi Confesses, ‘I Killed My Husband By Mistake’

NA WA OH! nnkan be laiye yi(things they happen for life)
After days of weak and clumsy denials, Mrs. Ngozi Ademoye, wife of the deceased Chairman of Charvex Communications Limited, Mr Kazeem Ademoye, Tuesday confessed that she killed her husband albeit mistakenly.

The deceased was allegedly killed at his residence at No 11 Nwahiri Onuoha Close, off Aigbokhan Street, Magodo-Lagos, last Friday.

Prior to the confession, the wife had claimed her husband slumped and died but when she was quizzed further, she changed her story.

When the family saw two big cuts on the deceased’s head, she changed her story and said the man was involved in occultism and that he died during a session with the occult world.
To buttress her story line, she had said her murdered husband had tied tortoise around his chest and was reciting some incantations. Some red regalia, charms and weird objects were seen on the scene of the murder, all to establish the allegation of occultism against the husband.

However, that story yet again changed yesterday as she confessed to the family, neighbours and the police that she it was that killed Kazeem, except that it was an honest mistake.

After the confession, the suspect was then transferred from the Isheri Police Division to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba.

According to her, at about 4am of Friday last week, she was engaged in a scuffle with her husband.
She said: “I do not know what happened that day that made me stand up to him. Normally when he is angry, I usually apologise and end the matter.

“But that fateful day, he was beating me up and then injured me. When I saw the blood, I got angry and decided to wound him too.”

In the course of the fighting, she said her husband fell on the floor and she hit him twice with a UPS that was in the room; on the head and at the back of the neck.

“When he fell down, I hit him with the UPS on the head and neck. When he started bleeding, I was the one cleaning him up until he became unconscious," she said.

She went on to say that the deceased did not die immediately rather, he bled to death in the room.

Crying intermittently, she pleaded for forgiveness for her act, insisting that it was not premeditated.

The scuffle was said to have been caused by her insistence on administering “Holy water” substance given to her by a certain prophetess in order to ward off the evil spirit in and around their residence. Kazeem was said to have resisted the attempt, leading to the scuffle.

However speaking to THISDAY, the deceased's younger brother, Mr. Jameel Ademoye, queried Ngozi’s claims on how Kazeem met his untimely death.

“If she said that it was a mistake, why did she not raise an alarm so that he would be taken to the hospital? Why did she lock him up in the room till the next day?

“Why did she also go to Kazeem's office and cleared the money they made for the day? Why did she also tell them to resign that Kazeem had relocated to Ghana?

“Why did she have to go to Ikorodu to get an ambulance and why did she try to arrange for a private burial ground?” he asked, stressing that "If she can answer these questions judiciously, then we can take it from there but what I want is justice.”

In the course of investigation, the police also arrested two other suspects whose names cropped up.

THISDAY gathered that the duo were the prophet and prophetess who gave her the prophecy that her husband was involved in occultism and provided the holy water.

The newspaper further gathered from the widow's story that the holy water given to her by the prophetess was the actual cause of the scuffle.

According to her, she had gone to her prophet for prayers and she was prophesied to by the prophetess that the deceased was an occult member.

The prophet gave her the holy water with the instruction to go home and sprinkle it and await the result.

According to a family member who spoke on condition of anonymity, the husband was said to have chased her around the house and then when he fell, she hit him to death.

Although the prophetess agreed that she prophesied to the widow, she claimed that she urged Ngozi to take things gently with her husband by ensuring it never led to a fight.

However, the other prophet clad in his white robes and long dread locks, also admitted that he gave Ngozi the holy water to exorcise the evil spirits in the house.

The deceased’s sister couldn't hold back her grief as she demanded that justice be done.

She wondered why the suspect would kill her husband, who prior to his death, loved her to bits.
She informed THISDAY that the love the deceased had for his wife transcended belief as he went out of his way to show it.

Speaking in pidgin English, she described the brother as one who took very good care of the family.

According to her, “She killed my brother and now she is begging for forgiveness. What about my brother?”
Also speaking, the spokesman for the family, Mr. Adesegun Agbaye, said the matter had gone beyond the family, pointing out that it was now in the hands of government.

He also asked why the suspect did not alert anyone when the deceased was bleeding and why the family doctor was not called in.

When contacted, the Babajaiye of Lagos, Chief Paul Da Costa, said he led a select group of elders of the estate to the station to hear her confession.
He said: “When we appealed to her conscience, she started to confess and told us the actual story behind it.”


Anonymous said...

Make God save us from evil (wives...and husbands too o. This is really bad.

If the man dey do 'juju' and you can't stand it can't you walk away....?

Emeh Achanga said...

wow!is this woman for real?spouse murder is now a trend in Nigeria.God help us!