Friday, 23 September 2011


The Minister of Youth Development, Mallam Mobolaji Abdullahi, said on Thursday, that one of the suspects in the gang rape of a yet-to-be identified female had been identified. Reports say the five men who raped the young woman recorded the act, which was later uploaded to the Internet.

He, however, expressed doubts that the suspects would be convicted based on the available evidence in Lagos at a meeting with youth organisations.

The minister said, "More than 70 per cent of the information we have on the rape will not be said here for obvious security reasons. But I can tell you we have information on it.

"The girl is not a student of Abia State University. She was raped in an off-campus residential area of students.”Although the faces of the rapists are not seen in the video, the minister said the National Human Rights Commission was on top of the situation.“The National Human Rights Commission is working with the Ministry of Youth Development. The commission, which is headed by a competent lawyer, is on top of this case.“This is law, if we can not press for rape, there are other charges that we can press. I can assure you that justice will be done."

Pls i dont understand what the minister is saying, what would they now be charged with sexual harassment abi infringing on personal space?pls pls pls.I know it very hard and almost impossible but pls can the girl show up amidst tight security because i'm not sure much would be done without her information

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