Saturday, 3 September 2011


Woooooohoooooo, i'm so excited today, not only because its a new day but because its my mama's birthday. I pray that God blesses,guides and guards u mum,may the light of his countenance continue to shine on you now and forever more,may he give u peace that passeth all understanding,wisdom,knowledge and understanding too. May he cause the light of his countenance to shine on you now and forever more. Amen...

Love u mama,she really and truly is an amazon, a shining star. I remember her saying and she still does it " why dont u like going out,ehn, what is wrong with you" or chei Yeni i gave birth to a beautiful her

Pls guys say a prayer for her and wish her a happy birthday,thanks luvies...xoxo


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ma and God bless u

Anonymous said...

Awwww congrats ma'am,God bless and keep u... Thank u for bringing Yeni into this world.. Love u babe... U know who

Ibhade said...

Happy birthday to you mama :D

No doubt Omo loves you so much.

GOD would bless you & your family with LONG, PROSPEROUS LIFE in JESUS name..aminnn ooo.

She is beautiful.

lande said...

happy birthday ma

Anonymous said...

Awww! Amen

Mumsi is beautiful, happy birthday to her!