Thursday, 22 September 2011


So today at 11am NTA aired live the motion being discussed on the #ABSU rape issue brought in by Hon Abike Dabiri to the house of assembly and as she went on another member of house said
"we cant sit down here and legislate on a matter that happened in another state and he said the house shouldn't dabble into cases the police can handle,he further said Abike Dabiri should take up the case personally and not bring it to public glare". Can u imagine the rascal,i keep saying and wont stop saying if it happened to his daughter,i'm very sure he would have personally looked for the boys and killed them on his own before the govt even got in,i dont know why people dont think sometimes,they just bear the title for title sake because to me that statement was very foolish coming from someone we voted in,can u imagine the fellow(i wish i got his name)

Another house of rep member Adeyemi said the other members should be careful what they say on the floor and asks what if it was their own daughters?

Moving on jare,there were more people supporting the motion and so the motion is Yes! CONDEMN THE ACT,GET THE IGP(inspector general of police) TO INVESTIGATE AND REPORT IN TWO WEEKS,MANDATE WOMEN GROUPS TO GET INVOLVED".

I am dancing alanta right now and i really pray and hope the police does this one well pls, the culprits most be brought to book,period! But its such a sad thing the way the Abia state govt is handling the matter,is it that they are in denial abi i dont get why something of this nature should happen and they should be forming i dont know what. Sometimes i'm amazed how some people get into power!

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