Thursday, 1 September 2011


Its not from my own mouth that una go here say fowl yansh scatter for market square.#darisall.

Anyways people have been asking for my opinion about this tory I wan knack una but me I say "live and let live" don't judge so u won't be judged oh,u don't know the kain background abi up bringing someone has wey dey make am do things

Anyways its bout 2 or let's say 3 stars and the news is that they are rather too close for comfort,always going everywhere together,when u see one u must see the other,the 3rd person in this clique doesn't always move with them but he is a well know figure. He was the winner of a show that a tv station does and then this 2nd person don win one big show too and the third is an upcoming somebody not that well known... Me I don't know the story but I've got mails everyday asking me to write about it. No be me talk am oh before una break my head.

So yall figure out yourselves... Odabo


Anonymous said...

Chineke,lwkmd,this ge eh! U don kolo,I think I know d people involved... U have one new fan... Loving dis,pls bring more like it

Anonymous said...

Gbam,gbosa,that is all... Plis this is what we like... It sounds like Mr Nigeria,Uti

Anonymous said...

you are a very sophisticated amebo. l am laughing so hard o.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ sophisticated amebo,I agree too... She just does it stylish and you can't help but read.m kudos girl

Anonymous said...

HME. Baby joooooooooo.

Even when you dey cruise, you dey 'jassy'..

Gbele gbo,

Ear of king for town, ear of king for forest....Na HME be that.

l love your jisting, HME