Friday, 23 September 2011


I was looking for something in "my documents" folder and i came across this post, i wrote last year September and didnt post,cant remember why i didnt though. Enjoy.

I needed to get a new line and reactivate my blackberry so I went it AT&T and I got talking to one of the sales representatives(AN AFRICAN AMERICAN OH!!!!, THE BABE IS NOT WHITE OH) and after a while she then asked me “YOU GUYS IN AFRICA HAVE BLACKBERRY’S” I was in utter shock and amazement, I said yes like I was a Mumu(because I was still amazed).

I then proceeded to ask her where the current world cup was going on and then she looked at me and said south Africa, I then told her “I thought u were going to say in a jungle on top various trees”(this was with a smile and a sarcastic tone), I said babe look, Nigeria(I had to represent my country) is one of the richest nations in the world forget the corruption, the power thirsty, money hungry scoundrels the nation is a land blessed and overflowing with milk,honey and talents.

I then proceeded to ask her why do you think everyone in other countries are coming to Nigeria is it to play???( well yes some of them) but after they all see the various opportunities that abound in the country and tap into it thereby exposing the nationalities(Nigerians) to the various opportunities in Nigeria…I also proceeded to ask her if she knew that it has been in the national dailies of Nigeria and even on the paper of the world(THE INTERNET) that our very own Lagos is more Expensive than Los Angeles ,so I didn’t see her point(I then suggested that she should come to Nigeria and stay in my house and I would treat her Hollywood style proudly Nigerian.

So to all those that think Africa is a jungle, May God give you understanding..
To all my Nigerians out there NIGERIA O NI BAJE OH!!!!...XOXO…
P.s: I don’t understand these Black Americans sometimes, is it that they don’t want to associate with Africa abi??? Pls somebody should try and explain

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lande said...

haha,quite funny do people still ask such stupid questions?

Make dem dey dia when Africa is taking over small small,have u noticed how most of the geniuses we have are mostly Africans?

If only we as a continent especially Nigeria can translate our energy into positivity,there would be nothing we cant do