Monday, 5 September 2011


This is one of the funniest stories I've heard but then its not so funny:
Tokunbo Talabi, a formal employee of Frozen Fish Firm in Lagos was sentenced to 18 months jail time for stealing 1,461 cartons of frozen fish and he was jailed with no option for bail or fine.

He was ordered to be locked up at the Ikoyi Prisons with hard labour. The criminal prosecution informed the court that Tokunbo stole fish valued at N4.3 million in batches, at the firm’s property at 9, Kole St., Orile Igamu, Lagos, between the year 2007 & 2008.

1st and foremost are they are just finding out?na wa oh! secondly why steal fish na, this isnt good oh! i guess its too make ends meet but then again the guy no try. But i'm thinking aloud when a govt official steals 10 billion naira or some exorbitant price its swept under the carpet and forgotten about, even if he is arrested something is done to get him out asap. Just shows the irony of Nigeria.What ever happened to Dimeji Bankole


Anonymous said...

but are you saying the man should not face the law because he stole fish?

what difference does it make?

anyone that does such a thing and is found guilty will face the law.

surajnimmi said...

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Anonymous said...

thief nah thief! fish, tommorrow nah motor!

Anonymous said...

hme. so if someone steal fish, we should pat him/her on the head?