Saturday, 3 September 2011


Lwkmd, na wa oh! doesnt our government get funnier by the minute,how can you say that people under 25 shouldn't drive at night in Lagos,wondering also what time is night 6pm,9pmlike really, how is that going to change anything? Abi is it all under 25's that accidents happen too or is it just for new rule sake or is it because they dont want them to be kidnapped(like really though)? I dont get it,maybe una can help me figure it out.

So for me that does shows and is in the industry and you know Naija and time na,wetin go happen...i think i might just go and get *lips sealed*

Na wa oh! do you think this rule is really sensible.


Anonymous said...

That don't make sense, what does any under 25 have to do with the kidnappings or killing in jos... Does Jonathan or his govt get themselves @ all

Anonymous said...

the nigeria nation's solution to a problem will continue to reflect our crudeness.

when a nigerian is literately pushed to the wall, he/she will be thinking...'how l fit exit right through this wall o..." can you imagine?

in the 21st century, how can you make a law to peg driving age to 25yrs?

shows how un-creative our minds are as a people.

Anonymous said...

The govt act as if they re daft,makes me wonder if they truly are#chikena

Tyjaer said...

Hw can u all be suprised? Its a rule made by d man who claims he brot facebook 2 9ja. Very smart move but cum 2 fink of it he did say " nigerian youth wud LOL" guess dis is d joke

Anonymous said...

this can't be true. abi na true?

who make the law, fashola or GJ?

9ja for ever...9ja for gutter

awon ode

Anonymous said...

Jona Jona,he doesn't fail to fall my hand

Anonymous said...

Funny! the rule as usual would flop! no be 9ja???..with the hardship sef, people are looking older than their age.. and if he asks for age declaration.. then he had given those touts in court plenty awoof!