Sunday, 4 September 2011


I decided to go down memory lane on my blog and i was reeling in laughter. I suggest you guys check my archive of 2010:June/July and the rest. Here are a few though:

1.Nigerian movies & part 2

2.Weddings me & Nigeria.

3.Everything in general

4.Wifey,kele,boo which one you boo.

5.I wonder oh!

6.For all the perfume lovers out there.


lande said...

checking on it

Anonymous said...

lol especially the one on Nigerian movies

Ibhade said...

will check it out later...but it would be easier with the link underlined....the titles already making me giggle.


@Ibhade:i dont know how to do that link thing,i've been trying

Ibhade said...

ok....i understand... hmmm..let me see if i can explain it to you:

1}go back to EDIT this particular post.

2}then OPEN the topic you want us to read on a new tab

3} copy the URL of the topic

4}go back to your post, then BLUE FACE the TITLE, then CLICK the symbol on the head bar of your post that looks like a network of chains which is the LINK, a progam would appear, simply paste the URL you have copied earlier on...and it's done....test run it to be very sure....if success, repeat the procedure for the other topics.

Am i explanatory enough..goodluck.