Sunday, 18 September 2011


I still am sick from thinking about the gang rape, really sick, never felt more terrible and theres only so much i can do as an individual. Guys i'm pleading with you lets not fight or curse ourselves out, theres no point,we should come together and find a way helping out.

Please if you know anything about our dear sister or the men that committed that deadly act can you say something,i would push so that Fashola hears about it who in turn sends it to the Abia state governor Theodoore Orji, we cant let this be swept under the carpet, guys this is someones sister, daughter, grand daughter, someones future wife, mother,sister-in-law, trust me you cant understand the stigma she would leave with for the rest of her life(only God can help her)

Pls if you know anything, can you just send me a mail, please


Anonymous said...

I think this is very good, let these men go down,they can't walk away

Missy Tee said...

May God careful out there everyone!