Thursday, 20 October 2011

Baba Suwe to slam N1bn suit on NDLEA

Baba Suwe,is planning to file a N1 billion suit against the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) over his arrest and detention.

Baba Suwe was arrested by the NDLEA on October 12 at the Murtala
Muhammed International Airport,Ikeja, Lagos and is still being detained.
The NDLEA had alleged that the 53-year-old actor had ingested substances suspected to be hard drugs, but there has been no evidence to substantiate the claim,even after the suspect has defecated thrice under close observation.

His lawyer, Mohammed Bashir, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in a telephone interview, on Wednesday, that a fundamental rights enforcement suit would be filed on his behalf within the next five days. Bashir said: “We will be filing the suit before a Federal High Court in Lagos between now and Monday.“We will be asking for N1 billion as compensation for damages suffered by him due to his illegal arrest and detention, as well as the embarrassment and defamation
done to his reputation as a result of the incident.”

While most workers from the various aviation agencies, who spoke on condition of anonymity, are blaming the NDLEA for refusing to release Baba Suwe after nothing
was found in his excreta, they are of the opinion that he should institute a legal action against the NDLEA while others said the agency should be allowed to follow due process without any sentiment.Those who have sympathy for the actor based their argument on the reasoning that if Baba Suwe actually ingested drug, he should
have excreted same and that it would have affected his health by now.

While the controversy rages, the NDLEA officials seem to be overwhelmed as to the next line of action to take if the comedian does not excrete drug the fourth time.

Despite the drama, the NDLEA, through its spokesperson, Mitchel Ofoyeju, insisted that Baba Suwe would remain in its custody until
every step was taken. Ofoyeju had said: “I can confirm that Baba Suwe is still under
observation. He excreted for the third time last night and no under was found. But he remains under observation. “It will not end at the third excretion, because it depends on body composition. For some people,it takes more time, more excretions.
It really depends on the body of each individual.”

I wont lie i feel money exchanged hands in this baba suwe story, how can they just say something like that on national news and then all of a sudden nothing dey dia. I smell a rat



Me too jare... I smell even dog sef, not only rat! haha


yetunde said...

Dis is fishy abeg! Except juju don enter, money has changed hands....dey shd jus kill d story let's rest