Sunday, 23 October 2011


I just heard the saddest news ever and my whole body is so heavy.
I heard this couple got married yesterday and on their way to thanksgiving had an accident,the wife i hear died with her unborn baby and the husband is in a coma.

I really hate to carry bad news but this is just weakening and i cant stop asking God so why did you allow them get married?WHY,WHY,WHY,WHY???

I know the God i serve isnt wicked as to let you get married and then you die the next day, I DONT BELIEVE IT! A human being is involved(call me whatever but that is what i believe,how,how??? can God just let it happen,hian)We wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers in high places

Human beings are evil, what!

May her soul rest in peace and i pray God gives her husband the fortitude to bear the wow

They have been dating for a number of years and just barely 24hrs after the wedding, na wa oh!

Baba God pls save us. Like the Yorubas would say its not oju lasan(theres more that meets the eye)


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Emeh Achanga said...

na wah is so unfairr

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Sound Bad :(