Tuesday, 18 October 2011


E!news TV presenter Giuliana Rancic has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The E! 37, discovered she had a tumor while undergoing in-vitro fertilisation in a bid to get pregnant. However, doctors are optimistic they have detected the cancer early and she will make a full recovery.

Rancic made the announcement on NBC's Today Show this morning, admitting she will undergo surgery later this week.

She said: 'Through my attempt to get pregnant through IVF, we sadly found out that I have early stages of breast cancer. It's been a shock.'

Rancic and her husband Bill were preparing to undergo a third round of IVF treatment after two failed attempts when a doctor asked her to have a mammogram.

She was initially resistant to the idea because she considered herself to young to be at risk, but the doctor demanded she undergo the test because the surge of hormones during pregnancy can accelerate cancer.

She explained: 'I wasn't prepared to get a mammogram until I was 40 years old, like I'd been told. I never in my wildest dreams expected anything to be wrong. It was just a kick in the stomach.'
Recalling the moment she found out, Rancic said: 'I went into the hospital in L.A., when they came in to tell me, they said it pretty quickly, they just said, "I'm sorry, you have breast cancer."

'It's what you expect, but so much more, it was like, incredible instant sobbing and the world just crashed down around me. I couldn't believe it - 36 years old, no family history? I couldn't believe it.'
After her lumpectomy, Rancic will undergo six weeks of radiation therapy.

Wow, women lets check our breasts regularly and if you notice any things pls visit your doctors. Prevention is better than cure

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