Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I dont know how true it is oh! but info reaching me has it that The duo of Nigeria’s hip hop music, and popular radio/ television personalities, Kenny Ogungbe and his partner, Dayo Adeneye of Prime time Entertainment have decided to go their separate ways, after over ten years of partnership.
I also hear that a multi-million naira deal with MTN tore them apart, and Kenny Ogungbe’s younger brother ID Ogungbe was instrumental to the break up.

"Our source informed us that after the expiration of their earlier MTN deal few years ago efforts to renew it proved abortive as the terms proposed by D1 to MTN was turned down while the telecoms company made a less juicy offer which D One also rejected. The deal was for Primetime Entertainment, jointly owned by Kenny and D One.

We learnt that Kenny’s younger brother, ID Ogungbe later went to his elder brother, and talked him into going to MTN to negotiate the offer that D One rejected for Primetime Entertainment and accept it for Kennis Music. Kennis Music is a record label and management company owned by Kenny Ogbungbe with biggerinvolvement of ID Ogungbe, while D One has little stake.

The source said Kenny fell for ID’s idea and they went into the deal with MTN for Kennis Music, andthat immediately the deal was sealed, the telecoms company provided a branded bus for Kennis Music artistes, billed all artistes of Kennis Music to perform at the MTN 10th year anniversary events across the country and paid some millions of naira to Kennis music management.

It was gathered that all the transactions were done without the knowledge of D One, only for him to start seeing the new developments. Our source claimed D One asked his partner what was happening and Kenny explained the details, but said it was ID that prompted him to go for the deal.

We were informed that D One was furious that his idea was used without his knowledge and the Ogungbe brothers hid it from him until an insider in the telecoms company asked why he had not been coming for meetings while the negotiations was going on.

Now, people don’t see them together at events anymore, and even when they are spotted in the same place, they are always metres away from each other.
But i hear D One is already cooking his own independent television programme which will soon be aired on television stations across the country.

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