Friday, 7 October 2011


I've had my fair share of the good,bad and ugly friends and trust me I haven't been such a perfect person but these 3 are very dear to my heart,better put they all are my right hand.

I'm a very strong willed*when I make up my mind to be*, not so nice(people say I'm nice) thrive in being given responsibilities and I have my own scoin scoin(of which they can all attest too) but these lovies have stayed with me through thick and thin, no matter how much we form we aren't talking we just fall back to each other and guys I'm saying it here for the whole world to know,I love you guys like I love red velvet and you know that's a whole lot,you guys are more than friends, your fam.

Meet my 3 boonski's

Mayowa aka maymay(aka one name I call her that I can't say here): this babe has been there since secondary school,we've been friends for over 6years. Though we didnt see often after we left secondary school, college and all we have maintained our relationship. Mayowa has always been there for me to rant about the men in my life,I remember one time when I was on and off with one particular guy she didn't know what to say to me again she just said "Yeni may God really help u"(sorta like she had given up hope). I love this babe oh! I even just spoke to her sef, she my chief bridesmaid,my wedding planner,my friend, someone I can call or ping @ nite and say babe do u know what he did and she would listen and let me finish ranting before she puts in a word and did i add she's sooo hot but sorry guys she's taken.

Tj: The only guy on the list, where do I start from, know him for 5 years now and we have had it from the good,bad and ugly with the t shirt and mug to show for it. Tj has been more than a friend,he has always been there nd when I say always I mean always,nobody has taken all my shit and craze like he has(not that he doesn't emit shit) but he knows me I dare say more than I know myself*not,I can call him up @ 11pm and say I'm hungry and even if he might not be able to get me the food,he would sha let something happen and did I add he is my personal driver,when I don't feel like driving I just activate my voice and I have I'm under my spell. Tj listens to me, advises me,helps me out and just generally is able to annoy me the most and can also be the sweetest being on earth and he is my nutri c supplier. I remember one day I got to his house and he knows m very picky bout food he had already stuck up on my fav things. I love this boi here*ratata and no oh!Eyin aye his not my boyfriend.

Zaine: I call her my voice of reasoning, she is also my dads second daughter,is the one that jolts me back to reality, she can pour a bucket of sea water on me just to bring my memory back. She is one of the sweetest and most humble persons I've come across and her backside doesn't lie.
Zaine was my school mama in secondary school,my senior by a year she passed on the baton of food prefect to me, we were both voluptuous oh!
Zaine is just such a sweet person,sometimes I wonder how she handles me,one min I'm all gingered to go clubbing the next min we are in d club and I can't stand it,I get irritated and irritate everyone 2 but she just maintains her cool and let's me be then when she's ready she gives me back oh! She has been with me through some family ish oh! Prayers and all, I loveee this ge. She introduced me to Pavilion suya,shoprite wheat bread and Nutri day and did I tell you she never has anything bad to say about anyone, sometimes I feel like knocking her and saying but didn't you see what this guy just did and she just smiles in some way and says "leave him jor". I really can't wait to have her back soon,yea we gats to parry baby... Milz u

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