Monday, 21 November 2011


The truth is that after all this talk, the Nigerians that would buy the champagne would buy it so all this grammar of sheer madness is just grammar.

An advertisement of a champagne drink, costing £2,500 or N650,000 per a 1.5 liter bottle has sparked outrage in Lagos, with some people who read the advert, describing the price as 'sheer madness', in a country where more than 90 per cent of the people earn daily income of less than a dollar.

Critics of the exorbitant price of the Angel champagne brand said only those who have embezzled money can afford it.

As advertised, Angel comes in two different bottles, with the 750ml bottle selling for £1,200 pounds or N312,000.

We found that the Nigerian prices are about three times what the drink goes for, in all its various brand by its foreign producers. The black bottle of 750ml is sold for £380, while the 1.5litre bottle is sold for £640. The platinum bottle of 750ml goes for £562, while the platinum 1.5 liter variety goes for £777.

ANGEL champagne is produced by Stefano Zagni, a British entrepreneur, who argues on his website that the drink is meant for select people around the world. As revealed on the site, Angel is designed for the celebrities of Hollywood in the USA. The producers even parades more outrageously priced Jeroboam platinum bottle of 3 litres at £5,725, about N1.9million. The site also sells a champagne vintage brut magnum at £188,000, which is N49million in Nigeria's battered currency. And this is just for a 1.5 litre bottle.


9jaFOODie said...

This is so so sad; this is clearly a company that is trying to take advantage of our miserable economic policy system and our tradition of misplaced priorities.
IN a country with a measly GDP like ours... are you even kidding? Oshi. An organized country with smart leaders will see this as an opportunity to put importation tariffs and alcohol taxes in place...... but no, no our politicians. They are probably too busy buying cases of the stupid drink for girls that are young enough to be their grand kid.

Anonymous said...

truth be told its sad, take for instance Tunde Fowler(chairman of the lagos state internal revenue service) that went to do his daughter's wedding in Dubai, for Christ sake it wasnt necessary and they want to tell me govt money wasnt spent. We keep complaining yet we keep doing the same things, only God would help us.

Anonymous said...

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