Monday, 7 November 2011

Toyosi Oni Youngest Nigerian Human Rights Activist Needs Your Votes

Oluwatoyosi (Toyosi) grew up in Nigeria, where she became aware of human rights before many young people. Aged 14, before moving to Britain, she founded her first charity; raising money for a local orphanage and educating girls who would otherwise have been sent to work in kitchens. She has also been involved in supporting those affected by the Haitian earthquake and Rwandan genocide.

Now, in Britain, Toyosi is her school’s ‘Deputy Head Girl in charge of Charities and Community Outreach’, and has organised fundraising events for various charities. She won ‘Best Business Woman, Cambridge’ in this year’s Young Enterprise competition. She has also organised ‘Hunger Lunches’, where schoolchildren forfeit their usual lunch for a bowl of soup and a morsel of bread.

Her charity work is about helping others, but is also part of Toyosi’s long-term goal of becoming a Human Rights Lawyer. Someday she dreams of becoming President of Nigeria, with a view to ending the injustice and hardship there.

Toyosi wants to continue to speak up for those without a voice. Winning the Ambition AXA Award would help her fund her own ambitions of changing the world.

Go to to vote for her

you can also follow her on her twitter handle @Toyosi_Oni

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allolie baby said...

this is so good....God bless u Toyosi,I hope u win....