Thursday, 29 December 2011


I found this on a website and i think the people that thought this up are plain jobless or just silly, all these rules apply more to men, abeg abeg pls look for a better research to do or help kill the boko haram sect that be going on an on about women. Gerrout of here, taink u very much and no i'm not a feminist

The Thirst
The Thirst can be described as women who are overly eager to find men. Every week they are in search of Mr. Right. The thirst, usually turn them into chatty and desperate, it is this desperation that turns men off and make these ladies unattractive.
*see people complaining, yet they jump from woman to woman*

Bad Hair
This is talking about the funky smelling weave-ons with the tracks showing. Or the women who think dry and flaky hair is the in-thing.
All the men ask is for you to just do your hair neatly kind and look presentable for yourself not necessarily for them.*those things una dey carry for head in the name of dada abi na afro, lest i forget ur "dread" nko*

Unkempt Private Areas
All they want is shaved under arms because that hair brings funk - bad humor-.
This brings us to another part of you that needs grooming. Your under private; you need to trim up a little. Give yourself an edge up so your privates resemble a well manicured lawn rather than a jungle safari.

This one is from the brothers on Twitter. No one wants a woman all is droopy-droopy looking and shoddy on top of other things. A dose of keeping it real is always healthy.
*haha u need to see some men try form swagga with their posture na*

Unkempt Feet and Nails
Biting your nails looks terrible. Chipped nail polish and smelly feet will not fly either. Talk to your salon manager when next you are at the salon for some advice to avoid any embarrassment.
* guys with long fingernails or very black toes nko,biko biko*

Angry For No Reason
Some women take the feminism thing too far; lashing out at men every chance they get and the men folk are tired of this. No one likes a woman who’s always angry, never smiles and is extremely difficult to be around. It’s unattractive.
Yes! Women are judged on this, because no one is going to have a good time with this type of woman around.* na who dey beat who pass, just come home and be all moody and when we even try to help u form anger, my friend park well*


No one expects you to dress expensively, but neatly and smartly will do. Know your body type and dress accordingly. The white tank top that’s turning yellow or miss matched is not sexy. All in all women who can’t dress are not attractive. Let’s try to make one complement the other.
*u only need to look at our red carpet on shows, some guys be looking like spider man, robin and a babalawo all in one, ki lo derm*

As the saying goes ‘before I see your mind, I see your outfit’

Sense of Entitlement
Ladies having the men pay for everything is not exactly it. Have you ever hung out with a friend that tells you, how she never has to pay for drinks, fares or almost everything she want bought. Or the friend that tells you, they think the guy should pay for everything.
Listen, chivalry is not dead but women who act as though they are entitled to a man’s wallet got to go. It’s unattractive and it’s downright classless. Even those ladies who think it’s beneath them to stand on lines for their turn are included here.
*men that think because u buy me something or u take me out means i owe u sex, u dey craze, i beg u, no be u offer*

Cursing Like a Sailor
Men mostly cannot stand a woman whose every word out of her mouth is abusive and crude. Words like; you mother…, son of a ... Once again, have a cup of class and act like a lady not a garbage man.
*haha u havent seen guys who cant say a word without fuck,shit,piss, na like that u take come from heaven*

If your reputation as a man eater enters a room before you do, that might not be good for you. Sleeping with every tunde, dele and harry might be cool, but don’t expect some men to think it’s sexy.
Sexual liberation needs you also to have some tact, decency and a degree of discretion with your sex life.
*haha, ewo awon oniranu, who frolicks all over the place, would deny your wife in her before before to set p, rubbish and nonsense*
These are words of wisdom!

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