Saturday, 31 December 2011


At the beginning it was mixed feelings,ups and downs. There were times when I thought I won't make it, times when I didn't feel like trying again, times when I felt love didn't exist, times when I was uber-excited,times when I cried,times when I paid back in their coin,times when I cursed out,times when I just sat back,laughed and relaxed.

Up until mid 2011 I tagged it my year of "jump then fall", year when my some of my friends got engaged,married(I wanted it to be me sometimes)but I was extremely happy they had found their soul mates and were going to live happy lives and that in no time its going to be Omoyeni Mi walking the aisle in my pink and white Mai Atafo wedding gown.

2011 brought me closer to God,it has been a wonderful walk and I won't change it for anything in the world,there were times when I screamed,cried and begged God because I felt he wasn't listening to me and then as the days went by i forgot about the situations but looking back,I realized he answered most of my prayers and this last day of the year nothing is impossible.

This year,I met people and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be able to share ideas and experiences and learn from others but then through it all some are better left as acquaintances not for anything but because everyone can't be in your life.

2011 confirmed the decision I made concerning my career and what path I want to follow,I have never know this much peace and that's how I birthed "HOMEMADE ENTERTAINMENT"(the multimedia company) which would take full effect from 2012 and my blog. In this all I can tell you is follow your passion and trust me it will be a wealth maker and what truly gives you peace.

I had the best birthday ever this year 11-11-11 and i turned 22,it was definitely a November to remember for me, i made some good friends and my old friends stood with me. Kuns thank you, i'm glad your here

2011 made me grow out of my naivete (well I still think not all men cheat sha)That all you really have is you and God,people will always fail,intentionally or unintentionally,I have failed people too but then you have to realize its human nature and we can only hope to be better people and everyone around follows suit, take for instance uncle Jona on the case of Awon Odarun ton pe ni "boko haram"

To be truthful this year,I made much more effort to keep some relationships(friends,business) but deep down it felt forced, I'm a strong believer in friendship or any relationship and believe in commitment, to me you don't have to keep reminding people who you really call your "friends" the little things about you, or the ones that only know its "hey hun" when they need something, this made me evaluate all those and in 2012 its going to be Me,My God,family, career and "the few", I'm sure if you really think I'm worth the presence in your life you would make that effort.
"It's very easy to know when someone doesn't hold you in high esteem,even easier to make excuses for them just to help your ego"

To my family for always being there and being my greatest supporters, to my very good friends God go make you bigger oh! to every reader, fan,critic,supporter God indeed make you bigger and may we enter 2012 victoriously and peacefully, Amen

I know 2012 would be a beautiful year for us all and it will come with blessings, challenges but we will be victors in th end.

So here's wishing you a very very happy and prosperous new year..


olumide said...

i know that feeling right,i experienced it all too and trust me God is always there with us.

Glad you found what you love, you are born to do great things yen yen trust me. HOMEMADE ENTERTAINMENT is an international brand.

have a happy new year hun and 2012 is definitely your year.

Missy Tee's said...

Happy New Year Yeni and when the wedding deets are set, do inform us here on blogger so we can all come out in full force. We better have our own round table with the name tag- fellow bloggers or blogfam.. I kid.

Have a fab one darl!


@olumide: thank u so much, amen. Have a very prosperous new year

@Missy Teee's: most def Hun I will oh! Haha @ the table I'll probably call it blogsville.Amen dear,u 2

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May God give you the best as you embark on the journey this yearr brings