Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I know this thing isnt funny but the pictures i've seen ehn, laugh won tear my belle, u've gotta love Nigerians oh! always find humor in everything, we dey suffer and smile as Fela said.

Water was changed to wine in the bible, so it can be changed to petrol, anything is possible #just believe

See the old man

hennesy can make things happen oh!

ah! na the way forward oh!

I,ve ordered my bike(and i'm serious) like my cousin said yesterday, we are fast turning into China, where bicycles are the most popular mode of transport

this has been helping awon aje in the past

omoge u gats gba petrol

at least goat no dey take fuel and you will reach your destination.

trade by barter

you have to safe guard your fuel tank oh! beacuse out of it comes issues.

palm oil, isokay


enaira-blog said...

nice one over here.
alternatives to petrol.

Anonymous said...

This is really funny. Laughter must remain in our lives jo, no matter what. Kudos, kindly follow me on JOISAYS.BLOGSPOT.COM. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

l will go for the bike