Friday, 6 January 2012


I was sitting on my own oh! When I received a mail tagged "LAGOS BIG GIRL WHO USES JAZZ FOR EVERYTHING, HOLD YOUR MAN TIGHT"

I first had a blank stare then rolled of the chair with laughter, truth be told I've been hearing the jist but never paid any attention to it because I said ahahn this babe doesn't need jazz na she can get whoever she wants beside she's a good girl,(my friend almost knocked me and said "Yeni you can be naïve oh! What are you telling me,girls are hustling oh!) Anyways its confirmed jist

This "big girl" is in the entertainment industry but not a musician or actress she makes the artist look good, I hear that how she gave someone something to drink and the boy just dey shit anyhow and had typhoid(that na only God save am) say make e no dey do ijo baba shina rambo

That she can get any man to do her bidding if she just does something with her jazz.

But my question is why jazz though,why as in? Babes are strong oh! So if you know you man is a high flying somborri or is in the entertainment industry biko pray with him and rub annointing oil on his body before he leaves the house.

Girls aren't smiling oh!
I'm still in shock though, we all have our vices but jazz though! Abi maybe its because its this particular babe


BITCH said...

Hmmm YEni u try oh! I was waiting for the first person to carry this gist, I know her but u for put her name, the babe is just a dead babe to me fucking her way in d industry

Lola said...

Haha her names starts with ,make I no talk but that girl hen, better keep djinee tight