Monday, 2 January 2012


Let me give you guys jist, i left my house this morning at 5:55am to go and look for fuel for my small generator. I went to lekki phase 2 and all filling stations were closed, sha had to go down all the way to Awolowo road Ikoyi. i got to mobil about 6:30 went in and spoke to one of the attendants and he said he wasnt sure if they were selling because they havent changed the price at their station, i just chilled in the car till about 7:45 and i figured they wont sell.

As i was turning to go to mainland i said let me check Oando on this same Awolowo road,and they were selling so i got on d queue and waited for another 1:30(thank God for ipad at this point,if not) I sha finally got into the station opened my boot and the girl says madam "am not selling in jerry can" calmly i said "why", she said "they said we should not sell", i had lost in at this point(and even when my dad's word of Yeni always be calm) rang in my head, i said he would be proud of me with the agidi i want to show this people) i said 'SIS, i know you woke up well from your bed today and would want to sleep well so pls sell, she said no oh! i said you must be a joker,I've been out of my house since 5 and your telling me this rubbish, what nonsense, as she was still taking her colleague on the other side was selling in the same jerry can and i said "i thought u said you weren't selling" and he said "no its just 10litres na", i said "u must be high on this fuel, how can you tell me its just 10 litres,isnt it the same jerry can, my friend sell the darn thing", the people now said madam you know what buy in your tank first then move, i said you people have seen mugu this new year,better sell, they were still doing their rubbish, i didnt even mind anyone, was playing with my phone, people now came with their jerry cans and stood by me.

I dont know whether na fear catch them oh! or maybe its because i asked for their names or na my number plate they finally saw with speed they started selling in the jerry can, as she was about to fill the other one, another idiotic attendant came and said "na only one make u sell" the way i just turned and looked at him,he said ah madam no vex

As i was leaving people were now saying to them so if woman no shout una no go hear, ah madam thank you oh!

Can u imagine this people, wanting to be stupid for something i'm ready to buy, i dont know if they thought they were doing me a favor or what. Silly people, pele its long abi.

See what Jonathan has turned this country into, the queue's are terrible,i dont know why our government o lopol bayi(their brains are far from them)

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9jaFOODie said...

It is sad to think this is just the beginning of the wwhala.