Monday, 30 January 2012


The jist I get ehn, na only God know.

Anyways that aside I was on my own when a friend told me do u know that this very popular musician(probably the most popular papa*scratch that* is dating one of the very very fast rising female musician

I said hmmm how did you know, and the person told me how at this musician's birthday the female musician was doting all over and forming my boo's party.

Then my aproko caught the better of me when I was told that he had just checked into the hotel off Aboyade cole and an hour late "Ms songstress" strolled in and went to the same room and hours later they came out separately looking lively

I don't know what they were doing there oh! Or what they do almost 3ce a week,maybe singing a collabo..

Try and guess who.


lola said...

popular papa??? hmmm. 2face most definetly or 9ce... hmm, now the problem is the female, i have 3 in mind though

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