Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Protest starts today Jan 3rd 10am at NLC Secretariat - 29, Olajuwon Street opp. Tejuosho market, Yaba, Lagos.

*Protest in Makurdi takes off at 10am today as well 3rd January 2012, Venue is Woodland Park
*Signing of protest register against the removal of oil subsidy at the Emir's Palace, Gombe from 9:00am tomorrow.

Meanwhile there have been rumours going on since yesterday that forestall protests the government has asked the service providers to shut down BIS services, so we are still looking, should in case that happens, text or call 07003200882.

And pls i'll advice us all keep ur phones,ipads, cameras far away u can still use them but be safe because all the police people can just snatch them and break it.

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