Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I didnt write this, was going through bellanaija and saw it and i agree.

It’s not the big things that we do “once in a while” that keep a relationship going. It’s the little things that we do “ALL the time” that do.

Valentine’s day. The Anniversaries. Birthdays. Graduation. Achievement Celebration. The list goes on and on for the events we scramble to make memorable to prove our love. We spend our last dime on big gifts, teddy bears, jewelry, perfumes, dresses, fancy dinners and all that stuff. Nothing wrong with that, but that stuff doesn’t sustain woman’s love. It’s not the big things that we do sometimes…once in a while that matter, but it’s those little (seemingly little) things we do a lot of, that sustain relationships. That weekly foot rub, the notes by the bed, the random call in the middle of the day to check up on her, reading her mind before she says a word, knowing ALL her sizes and randomly buying that dress, shoe or lingerie, showing up unannounced at work with a handmade gift, that side of her face you like to kiss whenever you say goodbye, finding a song she would like and sending it to her as a dedication… It’s the little things that you do a lot of that keeps her heart in your hands for a long time.

So there you have it. Do these things and she won’t be able to get you out of her mind. She will be like the “homing pigeon” that finds its way home from long distances back to its own nest and its own mate. Do these things and she will always return home to you no matter how far or how high she flies. You can thank me later. Enough of me…what do YOU think?

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