Thursday, 23 February 2012


Na wa oh! season of engagements and things.

Chei thats how this bebe too Flavor from me oh!*sobbing* if you know me well you'll know my love for Flavor no get part 2, chei *more sobbing*
Anyways her name is Beverly Heels,Nigerian born US-based upcoming singer/song writer.

Flavour proposed to Beverly on Valentine’s day over the phone. A day later Beverly tweeted, "My best Valentine gift was my engagement ring and something also very special,Good Night everyone and enjoy tonight #XOXO"

Beverly Heels (aka B.Heels) was born Beverly Chioma Ukegbu and lives in Texas. Her nickname ‘Heels’ was created because she always wears heels.errrr


Anonymous said...

are you sure her 'heels' name was created because she like wearing high heels? if so, then....l reserve 'my comments' for her music o

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.