Saturday, 11 February 2012

MOVING ON.... i guess

She wants me to share this, lets call he A,her words to me "know what you cant take in a relationship,love is meant to be enjoyed not endured"

It was at my fav hang out , I was coming in and he was leaving, I recognized the face, he used to write a column of one of my fav sites, I said hello,he smiled, held the door for me and I don't know what happened but I melted.

I was meeting up a friend and just told him(my friend) that's my next boyfriend and we just laughed it off, anyways I sent one of the waiters with a note and a few mins later a BB request came in *i was ecstatic but gave about an hour* before I accepted

Long story short we became a couple 2 days later( what entered me I don't know)

He did the sweetest things, gave me 12 fresh roses and some of the most beautiful words on our 1st week anniversary, I was in love, a part of me is still with him.
We were going strong, I loved him to shreds, I thought he did too, I could do almost anything for him, he did things for me, I remember this night, i was hungry and had a craving for suya he was watching his fav team play but left that at pm to get me suya at Glover court and bring to mine at 11. *smiles* *sigh*

We even looked at furniture shops together, went to look at apartments together, I thought I had found the one I would spend the rest of my life with, yes I was 21 but then I was in love.

He made me happy, loved me, held me.....

And then it began, when I called he'll tell me "why are you always disturbing me" and he'll apologize immediately, he just used to snap all the time and say some not nice thing and apologize afterwards, I overlooked them, I was "IN LOVE"

In March 2011, I was going through some very tough times,family,school and I needed him the most, instead one faithful March morning at 8:45 am I got a BB msg

" your a good girl, I'm not treating you right, its me not you,let's remain close friends"

and I replied "ok"

it wasn't until 3 days after it started setting in, how could he leave me, I trusted you, stood by you,loved you and now this... He told me he'll never leave me, will grow old with me, wanted to be my knight and shining armor and then he left me VIA BB!

I just got over this in Dec,moving on and knowing i would be in a better place, yes i find it very hard to trust again and ask if there's really true love but everyday I pray God heals my heart and gives me one that loves and cherishes me


Anonymous said...

sweetie,thats a strong thing to do,move on and better options are always ahead, every guy i dated was an improvement of the be told dont harden your heart,i took a two years break off dating before i currently considered someone recently..You will find true love ok,lets not replace fantasies with love okay

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

just like that?????

Lola said...

Wow,men ehn,why does this story seem like yours, that aside, that's what love is my dear you have to dust yourself up and try again. Glad "A" is moving on

funkysoft said...

if she's truly 21yrs ,she will find love again that is for sure,we all must learn one way or the other, guess that is her own way to learn the bitter side of what "love is"


Hmmm... Isn't there something about "too good to be true"? I think its a duty of everyone of us to watch out for this sign...