Thursday, 9 February 2012


I dont know what you people want me to do again oh! its a bit frustrating, i go look for story come write am here, you people would read, to comment na problem, its not good oh! On a daily basis i ring in 2000 visits but like 3-4 max 10 comments, its not fair oh! You guys please comment na, ahanahn or better still tell me the news you want to hear more often is it gossip, educational stuff, what!

My blog isnt focused on one thing alone,its a variety so everyone gets a feel, pls like and follow the blog and comment. You people should do me well oh! ahanahn na wetin or is it until i write that somebody no wear paynt, pata(underwear) go sleep una comment??? kmt



Anonymous said...

nice one.

my sister, success is not a destination it is a journey. you will have to enjoy what you are doing, be consistent at it and be relevant.

overtime, what is success to you will come.

me l follow you and love ur blog.

Anonymous said...

make u no vex o. me l dey enjoy your jist o but, am lazy to write o, l must confess. but pls don't stop because we don't write comment o. 45 of us are following you.

funkysoft said...

omoge, you write juicy gist, thumbs up. i read too , but na laziness no dey make me leave comment oh

Anonymous said...

l follow you but sometimes you don't blog for weeks/months and l get tired of coming to hme and seeing same story every day for 3/4weeks.

maybe if you blog frequently like before people, people see different jist they will respond


haha, thanks for all the comments guys.

@anon11:39: ahanahn months ke?? maybe a week, 2 tops, i can get really busy and then when una no dey comment nko i'm not motivated to write na.

i promise to update regularly, thanks for the love.x

OmogeNaija said...

lol, pele Omoyeni, I just stumbled on ur blog today and I'm really loving ur posts, it's not the regular gbeborun blogs, they are rather thots of a lady on stuffs, big ups babes!