Monday, 12 March 2012


As expected with most Nigerian events they never start on time and this started 2hrs 30mins after the scheduled time of 7:PM

I'm just going to give you basic highlights of the show for me or better put the things I enjoyed the most

The most beautiful moment for me,left me all awwwhwy was when 9ice and his very handsome son were Zion cuddling and throwing confetti on each other, 9ice was on the ground with him ,picking up confetti and they were playing and when KWAM 1 was singing and 9ice was dancing and cuddling and dancing with Zion, I thought it was so beautiful

I loved loved the performance of Tiwa and 9ice on that "everything" song, beautiful performance and you know Tiwa na, electrifying performance

The omo baba olowo himself came on stage and the crowd went Mad really doing the ijo baba Shina rambo dance

P-Square can get it chai, those boys are beauriful and they looked exceptionally hot yesterday, just simple!

Haha KC and Harrysong on their Mkpekete Mkpakata dance, lwkm, liked it too

9ice show was different,his very traditional,had all the Eyo things going on (I guess for Kwam 1)

Highlight of the night: there was a fight between a bouncer and a guest sitting close to my table, I don't know what was going on but what I now was that the next thing people were separating people and I'm like huh where did that come from? But the funny thing was concert went on oh! No stopping for any fight

Then when KWAM 1 was playing some guys came up stage with money and just started spraying 9ice,I can bet it wasn't anything less than 200k that was sprayed and it was only 1000 naira notes.

But all in all I enjoyed the show, was the object of paparazzi and things, I looked quite hot(if I say so myself) in my LBD and wedges,

My love for 9ice has definitely increased and I can only wish him the best in all he does

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