Thursday, 29 March 2012


I really dont understand anymore, like seriously what is going on in marriages today, if its not divorce, its acid bath or cuts,bruises, beatings all over like what is happening?

When i saw this pic of the woman's hand i was in shock, like how can you do this? one of her fingers is even gone and this bastard(i'm not sorry) is a police officer and didnt get arrested,

Honestly, i love the whole concept of wanting to fall in love, me and my soul mate as one and all but with all these stories, i'm not sure again mehn.

I dont know what this other woman did but look at her before and look at her now, WHAT!

Dear God pls give whoever i marry, a calm and loving spirit and not this demonic spirits in men and help me too to be calm, loving and submissive without being taken advantage of, Amen!

Pls ladies know the person your marrying oh! i beg you, the signs would be all over the wall but you might not want to read it because your in love, pls shine your eyes well well.


Anonymous said...

are you sure these are pictures of women beaten by their husbands or women attacked by armed robbers?

because if these are what you say they are then l am ready to give free legal service to these 2 women to sue their husband for aggregated assault and attempted murder.

Anonymous said...

Amen to your prayer.

yes! many atimes, the hand written is on the wall....but love makes us blind!

Dobbys Signature said...

this is so sad!