Monday, 16 April 2012


This whole ish supposedly started when one of Seun Kuti's fans began quoting the Afrobeat singer.

@societyHAE: @RealSeunKuti keepin it all the way real. "we should be supporting African music, not African musicians that are trying to sound European" the fan tweeted

"@ObiAsika: @SocietyHAE @RealSeunKuti support good music period wherever it comes from and don't restrict the choices and tastes of urban african youth!" Obi asika replied

@SocietyHAE: @obiasika agree! do you! just quoting Seun. #AFRIKA21

@ObiAsika: @SocietyHAE #AFRIKA21 he is entitled bt many artists all over africa doing great music and that's all we need to hear about

Seun took Obi Asika's tweet as a diss and replied on facebook

"Mr Obi Asika. Stop chatting shit bout me on twitter I an entitled to my opinion and if u got beef see me when u see me bitch! I didn't name no one so if u feel like its ur artiste then u knw u making bubble gum music"

This is me wondering why Seun has to be outrightly rude, its not like his making any music here abi?

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