Thursday, 31 May 2012


So you guys heard what the president said on Democracy day about how Nigeria wont scatter, cassava bread and the one that took the piss with almost everyone, name change of UNILAG, Abiola is a hero and deserves such honor but why dont they name a historical building or something in the fedral capital territory after him not UNILAG na, Unilag students vex oh! na so them kan block 3rd mainland bridge yesterday. In my mind i thought it was highly uneccessary, why not boycott classes or better still the Student governing body should take action, or they should have gone to protest in front of Jonathan's bedroom door but na 3rd mainland dem kan blog, i just thank God that nobody pushed anybody off the bridge by mistake. I dont think a name change would affect the quality of education you get, some very prestigious schools abroad had name changes, i think Princeton included so, but that doesnt mean i think Jona changing the name is sensible. On a lighter note, its like these graphic artist are on hand to just draw, see as they just brought out various pics immediaetly, i almost fainted with laughter.

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