Thursday, 31 May 2012


My hubby came home one night calmed and happy, I was surprised but happy. He's been out of control for sometime now, actually since I lost my dad two years ago. He became the CEO since my dad died, it was on the will for my husband to become the CEO and my baby brother the Managing director. I've done everything in my power to make things right but whatever I do is not good enough. This wasn't the same Tayo that I married. My parents were rich but their two children were trained well. I was working in my dad's company until I had my second child. My dad told me to stay at home and takecare of the kids because I refused to get a maid and my grandma that was helping passed away at the time.(I lost my mom five years ago too) I enjoyed every minute of being a wife and a mom until I lost my dad. My husband came in that fateful day about three months ago, looked at me and said "I don't love you Kemi, I never did. I appreciate everything you have done but it is time I move on with my life. You can stay in this house, keep the cars and I'll arrange for monthly allowance for you and the kids. If your brother agrees with my lawyer's terms, I'll pay him generously for his share in the company. Thanks to your father, I owe the 70% of the company. Don't try to fight this, it is clearly written in your father's will." I woke up the following day at the hospital and by my side was dad's lawyer, she looked at me and smiled! Two weeks later, the lawyer came to see me at home and to my surprise, she brought with her a letter handwritten by my dad. I wish I could hug dad at that very minute. There was a clause in the will, if Tayo leaves me without any fault of mine or if he dies before me, I have to take over the company. Dad knew I could handle it, I've been working in the company since my first year in the university! Tayo came to the house two days after he saw dad's letter, begging me to forgive him. Should she forgive? Now for my own opinion, i wont lie, i dont think i will forgive oh! ehn, can you imagine. biko carry your load and go, i can forgive but that you should come back and we should be one, you must be MAD!!!!


Adetola said...

Won't grant him any other thing save forgiveness!apparently,he married my dad's affluence n not ♍ƺ!ole,gbewiri......won't av nothin 2 do wiv him any longer!!

JustDoyin said...

good Lord!

I wanted to hug the dad for that clause!


Everyday is for the thief, just one like this the owner will catch him. haha | Awesome plan by the Dad. He knows his son in-law is a gold digger.

I will forgive him but he will become a househusband. haha


Anonymous said...

hmmmm.....from this, its just obvious her husband is all about d money. i think she should just move on with her life